My gynecologist specialist had told me that I had an ovarian tumor and he strongly recommended that the way to resolve it was for him to perform a radical hysterectomy. As I did not wish to go through an early and surgical menopause, and as I have used homoeopathic treatments with success before, I searched for a homoeopath in Brisbane. I found the Morkare website, and felt that Shenaz might be able to assist me.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Shenaz is a highly qualified Homeopathic doctor from India. Shenaz quickly got to the root of the problem and prescribed me a course of treatments which have completely dissolved the ‘tumor’. Miraculous! You can imagine how relieved, grateful and happy I am. As a happy side effect, I am no longer suffering from period pain AT ALL for the first time in my life, and my PMT and energy levels have improved dramatically.

Shenaz has a practical, logical approach to health and wellbeing issues, and her kind caring nature make her a most excellent Homeopathic doctor. Her staff are equally as competent and lovely. I am now highly recommending Morkare to all my friends. *

Shenaz Morkas

Shenaz is a fabulous homeopathic doctor. My 4 month old suffered from recurrent ear infections which left her with perforated ear drums couple of times. She had many courses of antibiotics within the first few months and still got many infections, one after the other. I found Shenaz in a google search and she was my ‘last ray of hope’ while we were just weeks away from the grommet insertion procedure in my baby’s both ears. After the homeopathic treatment, my daughter never had any ear infections, her ear drums never perforated either and it’s been over a year now. I am extremely happy with the treatment outcome and Shenaz is the only person I trust with my baby’s health.

Thank you Shenaz for the amazing work you have done. For me really, it was a MIRACLE. You are a competent Homeopathic doctor and a great human being. Thank you for all the care, commitment and support you have provided. *

Mrs. Thomas

Shenaz Morkas

After suffering from digestive problems and related side effects for over 15 years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I could not find anyone in the medical profession to help me get better. I decided to try Homeopathy and was relieved when Shenaz told me that she could help. I had tried everything, so this provided me with hope that I could finally find some relief. After working closely with Shenaz over many months, my symptoms started to improve and I felt I was finally starting to heal. Once my symptoms were under control, I could start to focus on being healthy again and could get my life back on track.

These days I feel great and thank Shenaz for helping me get there. She has also helped to maintain my good health as I have become pregnant with my first baby. I couldn't recommend her more highly and am so happy I gave it a go. *


Shenaz Morkas

On first meeting Shenaz, I was immediately put at ease by her comforting manner and calm and thorough composure. Her attention to detail regarding ‘finding’ the cause of my issues was obvious yet unobtrusive and very caring.

Working holistically Shenaz very professionally and succinctly diagnosed and recommended the desired method of bringing things into balance for me. *One week later I was well on the path of seeing very positive results and am very happy with my overall treatment and results gained with my meeting and consultation with Shenaz.
She is now absolutely my doctor of choice!*

Giselle G (Hormonal Imbalance)

Shenaz Morkas

My daughters and I have been treated by Shenaz for the last couple of months.

I am impressed by Shenaz’s medical knowledge and professional conduct and I am equally impressed by how effective the homeopathic remedies have helped to heal our different ailments.*

Elisha L’Estrange (Asthma, Tonsilitis,Allergies)

Shenaz Morkas

Thank you Shenaz for being a wonderful homeopath doctor for our family. It’s like visiting family because of your caring nature. Thanks to you, our son is now a much happier and calmer child, yet still active like a boy should be!

Thanks to you, I can now dust and clean our house without sneezing attacks and a runny nose. Thanks to you, we can heal ourselves using natural methods instead of using antibiotics with your homeopathy remedies and naturopathic tonics.

You’ve also helped my mum recover from surgery much faster than she would otherwise have. We appreciate you very much.
Thank you for all your help and knowledge.*

Shenaz Morkas

Colleen is a gift in my life. Her connection to my personal and health issues never cease to amaze. Her care, tact and accuracy is beyond belief. Not only has she assisted in becoming a better healthier me, she has supported my husband and our two dogs through some major health issues.

Colleen is like the first aid lady you had at school. She quickly fixes things that need fixing. She also can prevent health issues getting worse. Preventative. However when it comes to the deep seated she is there for the journey. You cant get any better than that.*

Jacqui Fox

Colleen Allman

I started seeing Colleen initially in 2011 when I had 6 recurrent colds in one year.After a few sessions and taking some homepathics my immune system is lot stronger and I haven’t had many colds since. We are now working on my anxiety and emotional issues homepathics has been very successful with treating this. What I like about homeopathics it is gentle and works on emotional, physical and a spiritual level this where we can tend to hold patterns. It can change and shift symptoms very quickly by getting to the root cause. I would highly recommend Colleen she is a very supportive and caring practitioner and is genuinely interested in your health and well being.*

Natural therapists

Colleen Allman

Thank you for all your time , effort & research you put into helping me Colleen . It's much appreciated.*

Colleen Allman

I have been seeing my health practitioner Shenaz at Morkare Health &Wellness Clinic for sometime. Shenaz suggested I see the Nutritionist Julie at the clinic. I have never been to a Nutritionist before, and I was thinking I wonder how a Nutritionist would be able to help me with my health problems. So I made an appointment to see Julie.

Julie discussed my diet with me, and she was very considerate answering my many questions. Offering very well researched data, in a way that I could understand. I felt very at ease with her. I was happy to make some changes to my diet, that was one month ago now.

I am extremely excited and surprised to see the RESULTS! Without having to make massive changes to my way of life.

Keep up the good work Julie, and also thank you for your many years of research you have done. We need more caring health practitoners, like you to make a difference!*

Regards Elaine Wright

Julie Walcott

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