Reiki is a simple yet powerful ancient hands on technique that creates balance and harmony between the mind, body, emotional and spiritual elements. Involving the accessing and the transferring of energy through the hands to the self or another creating a calming healing affect, dissolving energy blockages and everyday life stresses.

With the regular use of Reiki, people can achieve greater health and wellbeing at a more spiritual level, creating a more grounded sense of being. Our bodies have an energy flowing through them called'life force energy'. If our 'life force' is low or blocked, it increases the likelihood of us being unwell. But if it is high and free flowing, it is easier to maintain the Optimal Health & Wellness we all search for.

Reiki has an incredible way ofworking with the body’s innate wisdom to facilitate healing where and how it is needed.Many people seek Reiki for pain relief and anxiety, improvement of energy levels and fatigue, mood and emotional distress, and sleeping issues.

Reiki has also been known to increase sensitivity to energy, provide clarity of one’s life purpose, increase present moment awareness, to be more attuned to inner wisdom and intuition, promotes spiritual growth and creates a deeper level of soul connection.

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  • On first meeting Shenaz, I was immediately put at ease by her comforting manner and calm and thorough composure. Her attention to detail regarding ‘finding’ the cause of my issues was obvious yet unobtrusive and very caring.

    Shenaz Morkas Read More
  • My Dear Lida, Your teachings have brought me so much on the spiritual plane and on a personal level that you have remained for me a guide to whom I make constant reference.The philosophy of Ayurveda was a revelation

    Lida Zannier Read More
  • Colleen is a gift in my life. Her connection to my personal and health issues never cease to amaze. Her care, tact and accuracy is beyond belief. Not only has she assisted in becoming a better healthier me, she has supported my husband

    Colleen Allman Read More
  • We have been seeing Madhavi kathiria for a period of more than one month. In this time my son's allergic symptoms have been resolved due to the program, help and advice we received during this time. I would recommend this as an option to

    Madhavi Katharia Read More
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