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Morkare Health & Wellness is a Child Friendly and Family Orientated Holistic Clinic situated in leafy Holland Park West, Brisbane. Being in the heart of Logan Road, we are easy to find and have on-site parking available. Our team consists of Experienced Allied Health Professionals who are dedicated in providing Optimum health care and support to our clients through every stage of life. Our practitioners are Highly Qualified in their fields and come across as approachable, caring and friendly.

We have mindfully selected our working hours to cater for everyone’s needs and situations, to make booking an appointment an easy task. We also provide Skype and Phone Consultations for people not residing in Brisbane who wish to use our services.
Your health comes first at Morkare Health & Wellness Clinic!

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  • My gynecologist specialist had told me that I had an ovarian tumor and he strongly recommended that the way to resolve it was for him to perform a radical hysterectomy. As I did not wish to go through an early and surgical menopause, and as I have used homoeopathic treatments with success before, I searched for a homoeopath in Brisbane. I found the Morkare website, and felt that Shenaz might be able to assist me.

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Shenaz is a highly qualified Homeopathic doctor from India. Shenaz quickly got to the root of the problem and prescribed me a course of treatments which have completely dissolved the ‘tumor’.

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  • Shenaz is a fabulous homeopathic doctor. My 4 month old suffered from recurrent ear infections which left her with perforated ear drums couple of times. She had many courses of antibiotics within the first few months and still got many infections, one after the other. I found Shenaz in a google search and she was my ‘last ray of hope’ while we were just weeks away from the grommet insertion procedure in my baby’s both ears. After the homeopathic treatment, my daughter never had any ear infections, her ear drums never perforated either and it’s been over a year now. I am extremely happy with the treatment outcome and Shenaz is the only person I trust with my baby’s health.

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  • My Dear Lida, Your teachings have brought me so much on the spiritual plane and on a personal level that you have remained for me a guide to whom I make constant reference.The philosophy of Ayurveda was a revelation for me and to be able to massage in that spirit has filled me with joy and plenitude. The love and the energy that I am able to transmit in each massage is so clearly perceived that each time clients thank me and they all return. I have been able to meet some wonderful people and share a moment of their life which is often difficult for them.

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  • On first meeting Shenaz, I was immediately put at ease by her comforting manner and calm and thorough composure. Her attention to detail regarding ‘finding’ the cause of my issues was obvious yet unobtrusive and very caring. Working holistically Shenaz very professionally and succinctly diagnosed and recommended the desired method of bringing things into balance for me. One week later I was well on the path of seeing very positive results and am very happy with my overall treatment and results gained with my meeting and consultation with Shenaz. She is now absolutely my doctor of choice!

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  • Colleen is a gift in my life. Her connection to my personal and health issues never cease to amaze. Her care, tact and accuracy is beyond belief. Not only has she assisted in becoming a better healthier me, she has supported my husbandand our two dogs through some major health issues. Colleen is like the first aid lady you had at school. She quickly fixes things that need fixing. She also can prevent health issues getting worse. Preventative. However when it comes to the deep seated she is there for the journey. You cant get any better than that.

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  • My experience with Lida has been life changing. I am very grateful to Lida for helping me understand myself better as well as the world around me. Thanks to that I live my life to its full potential, with no limits, with no fear. The process was neither easy nor difficult, but there was a battle within me during that period of transformation. It was not easy for me to look at the painful moments and events, or even the negative feelings I was hiding deep within me.It was necessary to deal with all of this, and Lida was my guiding hand, first of all in helping me search for what I really needed to think about, sometimes we do not know how

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